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“ Michelle’s intuitive nature helps her connect at a deep level with her clients….”


It is my own passion to help clients become the best version of themselves.   Through our weekly sessions, we develope skills and strategies to help reach academic and career goals. Clients often feel empowered in other areas of their lives by showing confidence with a drive to be successful in daily decisions and tasks.   I get as much from coaching clients as they get from the process. I look forward to talking with you about your challenges and goals.   Contact me for a free consult!      Michelle



About Me:



Michelle takes the human nature of being complex with varied interests, accomplishments, skills, aptitudes, personality, dreams and values and makes it look effortless.  She identifies the patterns and uses her intuitive ability to help you guide and plan your career and life.   She uses a systematic method with clear action plans revealed through the coaching experience.


As a Board Certified Coach, with over 2,500 one on one coaching hours and Career Service Specialist, Michelle has the expertise you need to make your college experience successsful.  She has a gift of helping you tap into your hidden desire, dreams and aspirations through her  coaching method.  She unearths your strengths and problem solves your perceived obstacles.


Why work with Coach Michelle?


  • ·       Master’s Degree​

  •         Author of Happiness + Passion + Purpose

  • ·       Over 2500 hours coaching experience

  • ·       CSS Career Service Specialist

  • ·       BCC- Board Certified Coach

  • ·       Director of an inter-cultural Educational Academy

  • ·       ADHD Blogger



Partnered for Career Development and Planning with

·       Wilma Felmann, Author of Finding a Career that Works for you

·       Edge Foundation ADHD help 

·       Colorado & Washington Department of Vocational Rehab 


With an enthusiastic and upbeat style, Michelle taps into your inner strengths in a very unique and inviting way to discover how ADHD can help in pursuing your life goals with consistent navigation techniques. She believes life is a journey and the journey is the reward. So, let her help you chart your course!

ADHD Coach

Michelle R. Raz, M.Ed., BCC, CSS




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