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Interview about ADHD strengths

Screen Time Presentation

ADHD and Screen Time

Screen Time Presentation: benefits, problems and solutions of screen time

Edge Blog: Open Doors for you Health

Spring is the perfect time for exploring the great outdoors; camping, swimming, running or any sport that gets you outside.   Make this season the most by using this opportune time to delve into activities that utilize excess energy so common with ADHD.Add News Story here

Steamboat Pilot & Today: ADHD Awareness Month


Academic coach helps those with ADHD

By Teresa Ristow

Saturday, October 18, 2014


News Paper Blog: Creating a Peaceful Holiday Season of YOU and your Teen

As students get excited for the holidays and receive an academic break from schooling, it can be a time that adds stress to the family household. Add News Story here

Steamboat Pilot & Today: Thoughtful Parenting: Educating in a Techno World

As I was passing a carload of teenagers leaving the high school, I heard a lot of moaning and groaning. It caught my attention. Back to school means structure and routines for students....Add News Story here

Steamboat Pilot Article Transitioning Schools

Thoughtful Parenting: Transitioning between schools


Michelle R. Raz/For the Steamboat Today

Steamboat Pilot Article

Thoughtful Parenting: Helping your teen with ADD/ADHDMichelle R. Raz/For the Steamboat TodaySunday, March 9, 2014



Mind Mapping

IMind Mapping uses for the ADHD Student—bringing it home Mind mapping is now one of the latest crazes in life management tools offered to individuals inthe business sector down to the college student. You can find free online software andpremium purchased programs to suit the needs of anyone seeking to streamline ideas andbecome more productive and efficient at their work or now…schooling. It uses the natural way a brain works by creating pictures that show ideas in a system that linksthem in the same way that they are represented in your brain. You can find posted researchshowing that people who use mind mapping save time each week by using mind mappingsoftware. The three most areas cited for benefits were clarity of thinking, managing informationoverload and improved organization for people using the software. For someone with ADHD,this mind mapping can be a huge benefit, as it reinforces the visual nature that so many peoplewith ADHD use that is a key part of their learning system and daily functioning. Corporationsare purchasing mind mapping software to boost employee output by becoming more efficient.The application in the education field can benefit students who lack organizational skills and aidin their time management.

NBC News Academy Interview

.....That’s where she found a willing camp director in Michelle Raz, the director of the Chinese Academy as well as Learning Center at the Lowell Whiteman School in Steamboat Springs. It’s now been three years since the inception of the U.S. version

Podcast Interview with Michael Tipper

June 2013

AddEpisode 004 – How Mind Mapping Helps Students with ADHD this week’s episode of the Mind Mapping Show and in this episode you are going to discover how Mind Mapping can help any student with ADHD quickly harness their unique creativity, easily increase their concentration and rapidly improve their school results.Today’s interview is with Michelle Raz who is an academic coach who used Mind Mapping to help students identify and use their own unique strength and talents with a focus on students with ADHD and people who have suffered brain trauma. It’s a really interesting interview packed full of great practical tips and I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak to Michelle and find out how she uses the technique.As well as the focus on helping students with ADHD you’ll also discover:How you can use Mind Mapping to easily improve your memoryHow you can use it to give you laser-like focus if you’ve got a butterfly mind.A step-by-step plan to help you use Mind Mapping so you can remember anything you want.And if you’re a parent and you want one of your kids to understand how to use Mind Mapping, well, in this episode, we’ll explore that as well.

Episode Show Notes

02:46 – Michelle shares how she got into helping students with ADHD

05:11 – The similarities and differences between the challenges faced by ADHD students and Business Executives

06:05 – Applying Mind Mapping to student goals

08:27 – The importance of achieving early success when working with students

09:06 – Why the structure of Mind Mapping is not new to educators09:45 – How Michelle discovered Mind Mapping and why it is great for her students

11:14 – How ADHD students use a Mind Map to manage their thoughts and goals

12:12 – Why her students prefer this approach to “traditional” methods

12:46 – How and why Michelle does the Mind Mapping for them…at first anyway

14:02 – The students’ reaction to using a Mind Map

15:35 – The value of focusing on what the students can do

16:00 – Successfully using Mind Mapping with a Brain trauma injury

17:25 – How using this approach can help improve memory

18:24 – Why Michelle recommends software

19:12 – Why Mind Mapping works so well

20:15 – Why the same technique can be used by high performing executives AND struggling students

22:10 – Answering the question – “Software or Hand Drawn Mind Mapping?”

24:01 – Michelle’s top 3 benefits of using the tool

25:07 – Using a Mind Map for planning

26:03 – How a college student with ADHD has raised his grade point average and exceeded his goals

28:07 – How using this tool has helped her daughter

28:58 – How to introduce your kids to using it

30:55 – The hidden benefit of kids using Mind Mapping

32:29 – Where to find out more about Michelle and her work

Parenting Information

As the new year brings the big question, “What is YOUR New Year’s Resolution,” we challenge you to consider what your teenager’s resolution might be. Is it to be on time to class? Do better at school? Be a better athlete? Surely, there are many discussions around this topic. As a parent, you may want to jump in and help your student reach his or her personal goals, yet you value your student’s doing his or her own “experiential learning” as well. The philosophy behind academic coaching is, “The best way to predict your success in your future is to CREATE it.” We work individually with students developing an attitude that makes success possible through their OWN hard work. We look at our time together as stepping stones to independence and readiness for the day when our students leave for college.




China Daily: Academic Academy

Add News Story Michelle Raz, the director of the Longfeifei Youth Summer Academy in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, said that Chinese parents are keen on "rounding out their kids' experiences", so they are enrolling them in programs like Longfeifei's, which has an academic portion but also gives children time to learn about the arts and to participate in athletic

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