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Frustrated getting things done?



Coaching For...... Time Management, Organization, Task Completion

What is Academic Coaching?


Academic Coaching is a partnership between client and coach that helps individuals understand and overcome ADHD Related Issues and its effect on their lives. Even if you do not have a diagnosis of ADHD Academic Coaching can help better direct your academic interests.


Coaching helps clients identify their personal challenges and learn how their unique strengths and talents can be used most effectively. We work together to plan and set realistic goals, develop strategies and implement action plans. We can also work as part of a team consisting of a physician, psychologist, teacher or other support personnel. Regular communication and frequent contact supports the client with a system of structure, accountability, feedback and encouragement. With skilled planning and coaching, the chaos of ADHD can be replaced by calm, turning failure into success.Coaching for Attentional, Organizational & Life Management Challenges


An ACTION BASED APPROACH for teens, college students and Adults

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